About the event

The Road Safety crisis with 1.35 million fatalities/year and 20-50 million seriously injured/year impacts not only our daily lives but has also major economic consequences with socio-economic costs of 1.2 per cent of global GDP. SDG target 3.6 already called for a 50 percent reduction of fatalities and serious injuries by 2020. This goal has not been met. The General Assembly has proclaimed the second decade of action for road safety and set as a new target for 2030 to halve the number of road fatalities and serious injuries. This round table highlighted effective actions that governments can put in place to enhance road safety.

Representatives from countries which have achieved remarkable results in road safety during the last 10 to 15 years will discuss their implemented policies with their counterparts (peers) from countries with a slower rate of reduction in road traffic fatalities and injuries.


UNECE / Sustainable Transport Division