About the event

The roundtable addressed the learning crisis, deepened by COVID-19 measures, throughout the learning cycle, and the role of education, including Education for Sustainable Development, to enhance inclusion, equality and social cohesion to achieve SDG 4.  

Building Back Better, member States were invited to discuss their strategies for building resilient education systems, which transform the way in which education and learning take place, and how to tackle future crises, including inclusive and non-discriminatory digital learning.  

Existing challenges and progress in the advancement of digital skills among populations in the region, with a particular focus on women, youth, and older people were explored to better inform required policy actions and development interventions.  

It allowed to discuss successful strategies and exchange policy actions and knowledge on inclusive education, digital skills and education for sustainable development. 

UNESCO, UNICEF | Contributors: ITU, UNIDO, UNECE (Strategy on ESD and Working Group on Ageing), UNIDO, UNWOMEN, UNEP, WIPO